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The number of people with an Android phone from Google is constantly increasing, as opposed to those owning an iPhone. All big companies, like Samsung or HTC release on the market affordable smartphones using the Android operating system. In order to increase the apps audience, we must not ignore the Android phone market.

There are several reasons why people choose to buy an Android phone over an iPhone. Most of them choose to buy an Android mainly for its price. For less money you can buy a phone that does everything that an iPhone does, if not more. The other great additional benefits of an Android phone are related to its integration with all the other Google services.

How to decide between Android and iPhone?

The good news is you do not have to choose. We can develop your application to work on both your iPhone and your Android phone. Likewise, we can develop the app to run on your iPad as well as on your Android tablet. Thus, you can offer a full coverage with your services.

Our Android application development services include:

  • Project estimation
  • Users needs assessment
  • Technical requirements
  • Bug corrections
  • Mobile marketing

You can ask the advice of one of our specialists in terms of:

  • Idea analysis
  • Business Digitization
  • Production and launch plan development
  • QA planning and testing
  • Marketing opportunities

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