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We like challenges and we focus on quality!
We try to cover the main modern technologies

  • Web

    Your online business

    We offer comprehensive website creation services, starting from the analysis step and finishing with the search engine optimization.

  • Mobile

    Stay connected

    Is your business targeted at mobile phone and tablet users? We cover both Android and iOS mobile applications.

  • Video

    We create videos

  • Dedicated software

    Dedicated solutions

    Does your business require a solution different from what is on the market?
    We can help you with a dedicated software that suits your needs.

  • SEO

    Increase your visibility

    For a better online visibility we can create SEO campaigns that include both onsite and offsite optimization.

  • Wordpress

    Blog Solutions

    Do you want to add more features to your blog?
    Plugins are extensions that can turn your blog into a complex product.
    We create plugins for Wordpress.

  • Chrome

    Chrome Extensions

    We create and publish Chrome extensions.
    Extensions are the perfect solution to expand your online services.

  • Responsive Design

    Responsive Design

    Our solutions are based on a design adapted to any resolution so that the product can be viewed in full on any screen.


Our solutions are based on an intuitive design, easy to use even by those without experience

Optimized site

Our projects are on-site optimized from the beginning for search engines.


We use the latest technologies for our projects, namely namely JQuery, Java, Swift, etc.

Best Practice

We respect the code of good practice regarding the implementation of all our projects

Minimalist design

We like simple things. We therefore try not to complicate things that should not be complicated.

Attention to details

We like to believe that the small details are the secret to a successful project.

How`s the process going?


We invest time to create quality products.


We constantly try to come up with tips and ideas to improve the product that best suits your needs.


Depending on the type of product you want, we can offer you permanent or temporary support after the end of our contract until you feel you have the necessary experience to manage it yourself.

You come up with the idea and the details of the product you want. We analyze it to make sure we understand what is exactly that you need.

Depending on the project size, we take it step by step. After each step, we submit the project to a verification process in which you decide what is well done and what needs to be improved.

The final product meets your requirements and may also contain some useful ideas from us. When the project is finished, we assist you through our support services.

The communication and support were better than expected. After the analysis was completed, everything went according to the plan.

Flavius Nita

A complicated project that required a particular attention to detail. It was successfully completed and this is why I recommend you anytime.

Armand Ionescu

Free analysis for your project idea

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